Kinds of wind

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Kinds of wind

Post  Droopy on Sun Jan 20 2008, 00:39

The abstrus Corpus
Chinook type of stream
De 23 39 km/h.
This stream brings radioactive particles.
According to the rumours, it comes from the Corpus Hermeticum ruins, strongly bombarded by Syndicate nukes.

The Hooter
Chinook type of stream
De 45 75 km/h. This wind has a very characteristic speed. It Hoots One tells that these strange modulations are the result of a scientific fact from atmospheric layers disturbances on the rock. The Terraformers tell that the Hooter brings them bad luck. The visibility is good with this type of stream.

Grave Digger Breath
Downward Gust type of stream
De 135 198 km/h. The Grave Digger Breath generally announces a storm.
One tells that this wind disturbs the Karmic chains and that the esoteric thresholds change.
These gusts of wind are extremely violent.
It's better to fasten what can it be before this destroying stream devastate concessions.
The Firm advises a level 19 Life-suit to resist the radioactivity brought by this wind but disadvises very outside work because of the force the gusts.


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